Pokemon Go Obssesed

I didn’t imagine I would ever get into a mobile app phone game. Usually I get bored within a short time, but this is the most fun and promising game yet.

Encountering an Eevee at dusk

I had to try it as a fan of Pokemon. I love their games! I went out Sunday and saw hoards of people walking together, couples strolling in parks, and parents with their kids looking for Pokemon. I found myself being asked by my co-workers about the game, because people came in looking for Pokemon. It surprised me how quickly people have picked up the game. I’ve heard there will be many improvements headed our way; There will be new game mechanics such as leader scoreboards and customization of gyms. That will keep me intrigued to see what amazing things come.

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Pax South 2015


Pax South was so fun! I went Friday and met up with friends and my boyfriend. To prepare I packed a bunch of food and snacks (I have food allergies), my 3DS, hair mousse, hand sanitizer (germs!),  and a camera of course.

It was so packed there and the first thing is saw was the huge glowing Twitch booth and the Alienware car that lights up. Holy crap it looks just like the magazines. I just walked around for awhile it was so overwhelming! There are demos and games for sale everywhere! There was a huge line to try Gigantic and it was super crowded at the Nintendo booth! Nintendo brought out the new 3DS to try with demos for Majora’s Mask, Monster Hunter 4  Ultimate (demo), Mario Kart, and a few others.

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