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A new path to follow

Hey it has been a crazy long time! Just in case you are wondering what happened to this blog I thought I should write something. Maybe needless to say, but it has come to a close. I decided to pursue something that I have always wanted, but had always daunted me. Art and illustration. I realized my time is flying by me and I could end up never pursuing it all. Drawing is something I’ve done since childhood, studied in college, and then was spotty in my dedication afterward.  I would love to become a full time illustrator and artist. 2017 was about finding myself after a break after a long relationship. Now 2018 has been about taking care of what matters most and striving to make my dreams happen. They had been neglected due to fear and self-doubt for far too long. I had a wonderful time making and running this blog! It was something I had wanted to do since I was a teen and I enjoyed interacting with you all. I found …


Hello world. I’m Stephanie I love drawing, painting, games, Japanese fashion, and anime cons. I’ve always wanted to blog all about the stuff I enjoy. Here i drew a chibi of myself!  I’ve started blogs before trying to be specific on what the blog was about. It was all about art. It was all about music. Then I would get bored! I thought I should broaden that field so I don’t loose interest. I will just blog about what I’m obsessed with at the moment since that seems to change about every few weeks. Although what I love is related. I am a lover of Japanese pop culture and art. I will be sharing my findings with you and also learning how to use this website to its potential. Here are some animes I’ve watched this past year.