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Mini-Mini Con 2017

-A Mini Review of a Mini Con- Mini-Mini Con is a free to attend convention in San Antonio. This year it was great. It truly felt like a convention rather than just a promotional event for San-Japan. They had panels, gaming area, meet-ups, events, and a cosplay contest. I checked out the artist alley with my friends first. There were booths along the first and second floor that were well spread out. Some booths were from organizations such as the local library and college clubs selling baked goods. We found a karaoke room as well as musicians performing on the mall’s stage. There were video game tournaments going on as well as some free to play games. A friend and I were excited about the Ita bag meet-up. Just some weeks before we decided we wanted to make a bag to decorate. Ita bags are usually small backpacks or purses adorned with buttons, key chains, and other items that can be displayed. The bags usually have a transparent plastic covering to protect the items. The …

Pax South 2017 (Part 2)

Well after the Nintendo Switch I debated going back, but I didn’t really feel like doing the weird line again. So instead I tried a few indie games and this is the one the liked most. The Painter’s Apprentice This side-scrolling action game is inspired by art. The character uses his paint brush to fight enemies and advance in the game. You pick up paint tubes for more colors and can switch between colors. Only when you wield the same color as the monster you can defeat it. The backgrounds are inspired by different movements in art. I feel that aspect can be pushed a lot more, but I am happy there is interest in art history here. We will see though since it isn’t released yet. Next up I played two games at the Trion booth! I tried out an mmo called Trove.

Pax South 2017 (part 1)

Pax South was a lot of fun this year. Pax is a video game convention. It was the first time I went solo to a convention. I met up with my friend here and there, but we had different agendas. It was also the first time I carried a journal with me to keep a captain’s log of my experience. Pax South is a three day event, but I’ve found two days are more than enough for me. Pax South Day 1 The day started out with me getting into the wrong line for the expo hall. Good grief! I was kicking myself mentally and quickly made it to where I should have been. I love Fridays because it has a smaller crowd compared to the weekend. So this is the day for trying as many things as I could. I headed first to the Nintendo Switch booth. The lines were confusing because one wrapped around the booth and others didn’t even have much space. They had to keep the line short so a person …

Preparing for San Japan

Hey everyone! I’m getting ready for San Japan starting this weekend. So I won’t have an update until after Labor Day! I will be cosplaying as a Pokemon trainer inspired by the maid from the Battle Mansion. If all goes well, I will be putting together a Vlog about San Japan and post a new journal/planner video. Excuse me as I prepare to hunt down adorable collectables, stationary, and maybe catch a concert. I will be sure to let you know all about the convention. I hope you guys have fun and stay safe this Labor Day.

Mizuumi-Con 2016

April 2-3 Mizuumi-Con Hey guys! I wanted to tell you about Mizuumi Con this year. For the first time it was a two day event instead of one. It takes place at a beautiful college by a lake with geese. It is a great place to have a photo shoot done if you’re a cosplayer or lolita. The architecture makes a great place to pose.

Pax South 2016

I put this video together of the Expo Hall plus pictures. The convention was so much better then the first Pax South and the Capcom store made my boyfriend and I super happy with the Monster Hunter merchandise. I did try a bunch of games, but here is what stood out to me. Epistory I was surprised to see a beautiful typing game. You type to attack, clear pathways, and make flowers bloom. The graphics are inspired by origami and fairy tales. I didn’t get to play it until I got it on Steam at home. I adore it!