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A new path to follow

Hey it has been a crazy long time! Just in case you are wondering what happened to this blog I thought I should write something. Maybe needless to say, but it has come to a close. I decided to pursue something that I have always wanted, but had always daunted me. Art and illustration. I realized my time is flying by me and I could end up never pursuing it all. Drawing is something I’ve done since childhood, studied in college, and then was spotty in my dedication afterward.  I would love to become a full time illustrator and artist. 2017 was about finding myself after a break after a long relationship. Now 2018 has been about taking care of what matters most and striving to make my dreams happen. They had been neglected due to fear and self-doubt for far too long. I had a wonderful time making and running this blog! It was something I had wanted to do since I was a teen and I enjoyed interacting with you all. I found …

Chikuwamiel Art Books Review

Chikuwamiel is one of my favorite Japanese artists! Her work is a view of a chaotic and cute world with anime inspiration. I purchased two of her art books from her online store. I had to order them through a shipping service called Tenshi Shop, because the store doesn’t ship internationally. Tenshi Shop ordered them and shipped the books to U.S. These art books are small and each one came in a thin plastic covering along with her cute business card. They don’t have much text other than website and contact information in the back. Each book is 8 1/2 inches by 5 3/4 inches and are very lightweight, thin, and flexible. Most pages have the painting taking up the whole page. There are a few pages in each book that have multiple artworks or sketches on a single page. On the website it says “20P”. The 20 pages counts the front and back cover since they also have an image. I love both of these books, but I do favor Art Book 2. Many …

Anime About the Arts (No idols!)

I always love anime the relates to art and so I decided to make a list of them! I’m including music related stories that are NOT idol type shows or super moe (ex. K-on! or AKB0048). There are so many of those and they are fairly easy to find. I will write a tidbit if I’ve seen it. So here are some stories about artists! Food Wars (2015) -Cooking/Ecchi/Comedy – This show is awesome! Ecchi because people have food-gasms XD Gourmet Girl Graffiti (2015) -Cooking Your Lie in April (2014)   Music – This one is amazing I highly recommend it. I reviewed it here. Bonjour♪Sweet Love Patisserie (2014)-baking

Favorite Instagram Artists

Sharing and seeing art is easier than ever before. Just search for #artist or #art on instagram and you can see art from kids, students, and professionals. I thought I share a few artists I love watching. Tracey Lewis I love her watercolors! They are luminescent, colorful, and delicate. She often paints skulls, flowers, and women. I am a huge lover of skulls! I enjoy how beautiful and colorful she portrays them. Rather then dark or eerie she gives them a cheerful touch so they can join a bouquet. links-

Art, Gaming, and Reptiles!

Subjects of today’s blog!   Artist of late Recent gaming Texas reptile expo (skip this section if snakes and lizards give you creeps!) So I’ve been admiring… Hikari Shimoda I love Shimoda’s work! Its bright, eerie, and sometimes chaotic. I found this artist through Sweet Streets Gallery on Facebook. I like push and pull between being cute and creepy in the portraits. The creepy children are doll-like with their expressionless faces and porcelain colored bodies. Many of the portraits have children with cuts although not graphic, but instead sugar coated with sparkles coming from cuts and eyes of saturated colors. I’ve been playing… I own a Wii U and I’ve been happy with it! I just been waiting on a price drop for Pikmin 3 and the new Mario. I’m also waiting for Bayonetta 2 and the Super Smash Brothers.   What I have been enjoying is Monster Hunter and Just Dance 4 and 2014. There are other games I would like to get at the moment but I’m on a tight budget at the …