Coolest/Cutest Nendoroids of 2016

Coolest/Cutest Nendoroids of 2016

Hey guys! It is finally 2017! Happy New Years to you all. I wanted to look back on all the cute Nendoroids that were released last year. I picked them according to the amount of detail as well as interchangeable parts that would work with other Nendos.

I written about what Nendoroids are in the past so you can read it here if you are new to collecting Nendoroids.

Disclaimer: I did not take these images. Credit goes to Good Smile Company.


Ainz Ooal Gown

Source- Anime: OVERLORD

Why this Nendo?

Ainz is a unique looking Nendoroid given he doesn’t have the usual chibi figure body. He has both dark and a comical expressions. He has an iconic look that would stand out in your collection. I think he would be great a gift for anyone that likes dark or gothic decor.


Pokemon Trainer Red and Green

Source- Series: Pokemon

Why this Nendo?

I was excited to see Red and Green released together like this! They are famous rivals and the attention to details will make Pokemon fans fall in love with them. They came out as part of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary celebration. They were not released in the U.S. sadly, but were available initially through Japanese stores online. Since then I have spotted them at conventions.

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Anime Spring 2016

I have watched a handful of anime this past season and have some mixed reviews. One was an utter disappointment and another was surprisingly entertaining. I have checked out Mayoiga, Ace Attorney, Netoge no Yome, Tanaka-kun wa Kyou mo Kedaruge , and Re:Zero.

Mayoiga –  Rating 5 out of 10

mayoiga 0mayoiga 2

This anime is for anyone wanting a show on the weird side.

A bunch of strangers have come together to be lead to a village promising paradise away from society. Although it wasn’t what they expected naturally.  Instead something strange is lurking in the forest. For some reason everyone sees a different monster reflecting their deepest fears. The main character Mitsumune finds himself drawn to another girl on the trip despite his friend’s warnings.

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Top 10 On My Wishlist- Nendoroids and Other Figures

Top 10 On My Wishlist- Nendoroids and Other Figures

These figures are a mix of new and a few old. I will include as MUCH info as I can on them and plenty of links!

Disclaimer: Images are not mine, but are found on pinterest and Google (⌒_⌒;) !


I’ve put these two Good Smile Company Nendoroids together because if I bought one I probably wouldn’t want the other. The Miku on the right is the first Miku nendoroid I’ve really wanted. The Snow Bell design is very cute and has an elegant display compared to the others. The left Miku figure is new winter Miku this year and she has a whole line of other owl-ish products. I adore owls so this one definitely caught my attention! I also adore the plushie! Gah! What is even more lovable is a collaboration going on between the Love Live anime series and the new Snow Miku.

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