A new path to follow

Hey it has been a crazy long time! Just in case you are wondering what happened to this blog I thought I should write something. Maybe needless to say, but it has come to a close. I decided to pursue something that I have always wanted, but had always daunted me. Art and illustration. I realized my time is flying by me and I could end up never pursuing it all. Drawing is something I’ve done since childhood, studied in college, and then was spotty in my dedication afterward.  I would love to become a full time illustrator and artist. 2017 was about finding myself after a break after a long relationship. Now 2018 has been about taking care of what matters most and striving to make my dreams happen. They had been neglected due to fear and self-doubt for far too long.

I had a wonderful time making and running this blog! It was something I had wanted to do since I was a teen and I enjoyed interacting with you all. I found other blogs that I really like and enjoyed learning about making websites. It also led me to making Youtube videos which I still miss doing. Right now I’m going to focus on building a portfolio and return to Youtube later. It will cover more creative subjects such as drawing and journaling. If you want to see what I’m working on you can find me on a few websites. Once I have a small portfolio I will be looking for freelance work.

Thank you for reading and commenting! It made running a blog so much fun.  I’m off to my next adventure- Owl Duchess Shop.

Main website



RedBubble Shop

Fiverr freelance gigs



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