The Nintendo Switch

Hey everyone! I hope the spring has treated you well. I’m looking forward to summer this year to play with the Switch! First let me tell you my about my difficulty obtaining it.

I ordered the Switch Zelda/Mariokart bundle online from GameStop’s website last month. Then it never arrived! I wasn’t charged luckily, but I received mixed answers from GameStop’s support email about the status of my order. I had to call the customer service line and was recommended to order again. I realized whenever I have ordered things from their website I always have some sort of problem. So I went into the store to order and asked if I could pick it up in store. Technically it’s still an online order, but I hoped it would be different this way. Luckily this time it worked out, but I did have to settle for another bundle. The MarioKart game arrived early and then the console along with accessories arrived separately on the listed release date.

Next problem- There were no codes in the box for the downloadable games that were promised. Luckily this was easy to solve. I called customer service and they were able to give me the codes over the phone. I now can download Snipper Clips and Has Been Heroes. I’m glad I can just enjoy it now!

I have been enjoying the Nintendo Switch. It was worth all the trouble. The set up was quick, easy, and there was no giant system update. I love the small controllers! They are so light and it’s easy to change the orientation between using one or both. The MarioKart courses are absolutely beautiful and I like the music. I haven’t played a MarioKart game in a long time so I’m impressed with the drifting and the creative race tracks. I have also been using the small steering wheels for the game. I haven’t had any issue with the LR wheel buttons like I’ve seen in other articles online. The pro controller is comfortable, but I might not use it until Splatoon comes out. Some other games I’m interested in are Zelda and I am Setsuna.  I pre-ordered Splatoon 2 and Skyrim. Then news came out the other day that the Japanese Monster Hunter XX will be available on the Switch (Japan only). I am hoping that this will also release in the U.S. and other countries.

Has anyone else had this sort of trouble ordering the Switch? I hope you guys don’t have to go through that!


2 thoughts on “The Nintendo Switch

  1. I had mine reserved, but ended up buying it somewhere else as I stumbled upon a pallet full of the red and blue ones. As that was the one I wanted, I didn’t want to wait any longer. Nu problem though, I got my downpayment back.
    I have read someone else’s blog, who had lots, lots of double with GameStop, it would seem they aren’t very reliable!

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