Mini-Mini Con 2017

-A Mini Review of a Mini Con-

Mini-Mini Con is a free to attend convention in San Antonio. This year it was great. It truly felt like a convention rather than just a promotional event for San-Japan. They had panels, gaming area, meet-ups, events, and a cosplay contest.

I checked out the artist alley with my friends first. There were booths along the first and second floor that were well spread out. Some booths were from organizations such as the local library and college clubs selling baked goods. We found a karaoke room as well as musicians performing on the mall’s stage. There were video game tournaments going on as well as some free to play games.

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A friend and I were excited about the Ita bag meet-up. Just some weeks before we decided we wanted to make a bag to decorate. Ita bags are usually small backpacks or purses adorned with buttons, key chains, and other items that can be displayed. The bags usually have a transparent plastic covering to protect the items. The meet up was hosted by two friendly ladies with many bags of their own. A bunch of people went and it was fun to see all the cute and crazy bags!

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One of them is running @itabagcentral on Instagram and they will have some online projects involving ita bags in the future.


It was also free comic book day. Luckily the mall’s comic store, Gotham News Stand, was open and had a table with free comic issues laid out. By the time we reached the store however they were starting to run low on comics. I picked up a copy of I Hate Image since I like the series.

The dealer’s room had something for everyone. It was set up on the second floor in large room where a store might have been. Figures, plushies, retro video games, manga, DVDs, and posters were abound.

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There were so many lovely cosplayers! I was so happy to see Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon cosplays.

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Here is a slideshow of some of the other cosplays

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