Pax South 2017 (Part 2)

Well after the Nintendo Switch I debated going back, but I didn’t really feel like doing the weird line again. So instead I tried a few indie games and this is the one the liked most.

The Painter’s Apprentice

This side-scrolling action game is inspired by art. The character uses his paint brush to fight enemies and advance in the game. You pick up paint tubes for more colors and can switch between colors. Only when you wield the same color as the monster you can defeat it. The backgrounds are inspired by different movements in art. I feel that aspect can be pushed a lot more, but I am happy there is interest in art history here. We will see though since it isn’t released yet.

Next up I played two games at the Trion booth!

I tried out an mmo called Trove.

It looks similar to Minecraft, but I can’t compare them since I’ve never played Minecraft before. I would love to hear about it if you know about Minecraft.  In the demo I played I was a necromancer. My character could summon small little skeletons to attack enemies as I explored a dungeon. I also checked out the hub where I saw many other players that were online chatting with each other. The controls were pretty simple on this game. It felt similar to other MMO games I’ve played in the past.

The second game I really enjoyed!

Atlas Reactor

This is a turned-based tactical fighting game. You’re given an environment where your character can hide, attack, pick up supplies, and set traps. Each turn you pick your actions and do your best to anticipate the movements of enemies. You can use your cursor to choose actions so it’s quite easy to pick up. It is a player vs player MMO. I will be downloading this game and I hope my computer can run it.

Day 2

It was another cold morning. When the expo hall opened I walked a bit and saw a really nice booth I didn’t notice before

I got in line for RIME since it didn’t look too long, but then I was in line for an hour and still didn’t get to play. I mostly played on my 3Ds and chatted with a few people. When I realized I might not be able to play I just watched others play through the demo. It looked like a brightly colored world and they had to make their way through ruins. The lit up orbs that connected to other lights to reveal passageways. The length of the demo seemed very long! For those that stuck it out they received a small plush of a fox character. I had to get out of line because a panel started in forty minutes and I didn’t know where it was.

I went to a panel called Player Vs Pop Culture.When  Comicstorian announced on Youtube that he was going be there I knew I had to go. I’ve never met a Youtuber at a convention before. On the website it listed Comicstorian and Matt Shea as hosts. Although it turns out two more guests were able to come!  Aureylian and Strawburry17 also appeared for the panel. I really wasn’t sure what the panel would be about. I didn’t check the description until I was outside the theater room waiting for the panel. It was a bit vague, but it turned out to be a gameshow that involved some audience participation plus a Q&A bit. It was really funny and made me interested in checking out the other youtubers. Here is a clip of one of the games they played.

Afterwards I attended the autograph session. I asked for all their signatures plus I took a picture with Comicstorian! I do wish my phone camera was better, but I still love it!


That was the highlight of my day there. Afterwards I caught up with my friends and had lunch. I just browsed around the shops and watched the Nintendo booth’s game tournaments. I left a bit early since I was exhausted. I am a bit sad I didn’t get to try Dreadnought. It isn’t the kind of game I usually play, but I was curious about it.

That wraps up my story about Pax South this year. Let me know what you think in the comments. Did any of the games appeal to you?

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