Pax South 2017 (part 1)

Pax South was a ton of fun this year. Pax is a video game convention that has four events in the United States. Pax South is known for having many indie games. This was the first time I went solo to a convention. I met up with my friend here and there, but we had different agendas. It was also the first time I carried a journal with me to keep a captain’s log of my experience. Pax South is a three day event, but I’ve found two days are more than enough for me.

Pax South Day 1

The day started out with me getting into the wrong line for the expo hall. Good grief! I was kicking myself mentally and quickly made it to where I should have been. I love Fridays because it has a smaller crowd compared to the weekend. So this is the day for trying as many things as I could.

I headed first to the Nintendo Switch booth. The lines were confusing because one wrapped around the booth and other lines didn’t even have much space. They had to keep the line short so a person held an end cap sign at the end of the line. When I found the line to play Splatoon 2 I was turned away because they didn’t have room for people to line up. Ugh! I checked out some vendors and picked up a Team Skull scarf right away. I loved it so much! I think Team Skull are my favorite Pokemon villains of all time.

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The first game I played was Dauntless

I fought the monster featured in the video using a sword. It was awkward playing it at first (I don’t really play action-oriented games on the PC), but then it was quite fun! It grabbed my attention with a bright color palette and I heard it was similar to the Monster Hunter series. The characters are more cartoon-like than Monster Hunter. The monsters also seem to have rage modes (attack and speed increases for temporary amount of time along with additional attacks). What I really loved was the fact there are no separate areas where the game had to load in order for you to explore the map. When you see the monster run away you can chase it in a way that feels quite natural. I enjoyed it although I’m not sure if I will be able to play it since my laptop isn’t anything special. I will keep an eye on this game though. I would like to get into an mmo type game again. At the moment you can sign up on the website and maybe get into the beta phase when it comes out.

I went back to the Nintendo booth, but no luck. Instead I had lunch, went back, and finally was able to get in line. While in line I joined two guys for Monster Hunter hunts until we made it to the front of the line. The Nintendo reps gave us each a card and we were allowed to try three of the six games available for that area. Here is what I played.

Splatoon 2

I never played the first one, but I always wanted to. I’m not a fan of shooting games, yet this one looked so wacky and playful it had my curiosity. The demo started with a short tutorial on how to use the character and then we went to war with the players around us. The pro controller was comfortable and light. You could tilt the controller to tilt the camera up toward the sky and downward. It was so fun being able to quickly transform into a squid and move quickly to other areas. A new weapon was on the list which were dual pistols. It was neat because you were able to dodge by rolling with that equipped. I will probably get the Nintendo Switch around the time this comes out. I would love to play this online.

1-2 Switch

I admit when I saw the initial preview for this game I rolled my eyes. It is actually fun, although it seems good for parties or family gatherings. There are several little games on this to try. We were allowed to play three. My favorite was Pose. One person strikes three poses, the second player mimics each one, and then vice-versa. You are graded by accuracy as well as how much energy went into mimicking poses. I also played the Samurai game where one person has the sword to swing and the other person must catch it overhead by clapping your hands with the little controller in one of them. I surprisingly did well! I had always thought my reflexes were slow. The other game showed off the HD rumble feature of the Switch. In the game you must guess how many marbles you feel when you tilt and shake the small Switch controller. It is sort of freaky how it truly feels like a marble is inside the controller as you tilt it.  It is impressive, but I’m not sure how useful it would truly be for the majority of games.


For this game a Nintendo rep talks you through the tutorial. By the way all the Nintendo reps were so friendly and nice! They looked like they were having a good time too. Using the two small controllers you control the movements of the character by tilting and punching. There were five characters to choose from and each had a different ability such as floating or healing. Before the match starts you get choices of what kind of gloves you want to use. Some gloves have a boomerang effect (my favorite), some hit multiple times, and other things. I had fun with this game demo, but I don’t see myself purchasing this.

There were many other Nintendo games like the new Zelda and Bomberman, but I felt like checking out other games I may not hear so much about. After trying the three games I had a card stamped and I was given a metal Nintendo Switch pin.

I have more Pax games to write about! I will get to it as soon as I can. Did anyone here attend a Pax convention this year or in the past? Would you want to?

Thanks for reading! More coming soon!


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