Coolest/Cutest Nendoroids of 2016

Hey guys! It is finally 2017! Happy New Years to you all. I wanted to look back on all the cute Nendoroids that were released last year. I picked them according to the amount of detail as well as interchangeable parts that would work with other Nendos.

I written about what Nendoroids are in the past so you can read it here if you are new to collecting Nendoroids.

Disclaimer: I did not take these images. Credit goes to Good Smile Company.


Ainz Ooal Gown

Source- Anime: OVERLORD

Why this Nendo?

Ainz is a unique looking Nendoroid given he doesn’t have the usual chibi figure body. He has both dark and a comical expressions. He has an iconic look that would stand out in your collection. I think he would be great a gift for anyone that likes dark or gothic decor.


Pokemon Trainer Red and Green

Source- Series: Pokemon

Why this Nendo?

I was excited to see Red and Green released together like this! They are famous rivals and the attention to details will make Pokemon fans fall in love with them. They came out as part of Pokemon’s 20th anniversary celebration. They were not released in the U.S. sadly, but were available initially through Japanese stores online. Since then I have spotted them at conventions.


Source- Anime: One Punch Man

Why this Nendo?

I was very impressed with the Genos nendoroid! They manged to capture both the action and comedy that makes up One Punch Man. The apron and broom props for him just stole my heart! I am glad they detailed his arms well since it is such a defining feature of Genos.


Kogane Asabuki

Source- Anime: BBK/BRNK

Why this Nendo?

Kogane is fashionable as she is fierce. She is expressive with a worried, tense, and cheerful face plates. She has such detailed sculpting for her hair and Migete-chan.  She stands out because of her unusual cute and creepy look.

Venom Snake

Source- Game:Metal Gear Solid V

Why this Nendo?

I was impressed with all the gadgets Venom Snake contains! This gives it such a strong connection to the game. Plus he can be made to pose for various scenarios. The sculpting of the sneaking suit is beautifully done. It gives this chibi-fied Snake muscles and the gear he needs for his missions.


Akashi Kai

Source- Game:Kantai Collection

Why this Nendo?

I adore the designs of the Kancolle charaters! For this year I picked Akashi because I felt her welding equipment is cute and unusual. The blueprint item is truly a nice touch. She is a personification of a repair ship with a mischievous face.

Snow Miku– Snow Owl Version

Source- software: Vocaloids

Why this Nendo?

This Miku is one of the cutest Miku nendoroids. Her knitted owl hat plus all her winter sports gear make her adorable. Plus all the winter items are interchangeable with other nendoroids. She can inspire wonderful winter and sports themed scenes!

Here’s one that I’m looking forward to this year



Source- anime: Re : Zero

She is my favorite character! She is the sweetest demon maid I’ve seen! She her usual cold stare, a happy face, and fierce expression. I look forward to seeing her weapon in person! She is released this month.

Did you guys buy any Nendoroids last year? Which was your favorite? Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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