Tea Time #3 Comics and Pokemon


Comics, Pokemon Sun

My Thanksgiving was awesome! I ate way too much and was in a food coma for quite awhile. My Mother is an amazing cook and baker. I hope you guys have been doing well lately and thank you for following my blog! It means a lot to me.

I thought I would share a bit about what I’ve been been up to lately. I’ve been into picking up comics lately.



This story follows a 25 year old fashion blogger, Lottie, who appears perfect online, but is struggling in real life. Plus she is very embarrassed by her allergies that make her nose drip. Lottie hangs out with her shallow friends that are also bloggers, but she doesn’t like them. At the same time she is also dealing with her boyfriend seeing another girl. Seemingly out of the blue she makes a new friend that is different than anyone else she has met. This new girl is confident and carefree. Also she seems to have an admirer! Even though Lottie is a very self-centered character, she struggles to move forward in her life and something mysterious is going on too.

I love the coloring of this comic. It is bright and colorful and appropriately dull for the gritty moments. The story is written by the creator of the Scott Pilgrim series. At the moment 4 issues of Snotgirl are out. The next issue comes out in December. I will definitely be following this story.It is a satire of a millennial blogger’s life and drama. I am so hating that the issues always leave off at painful cliffhanger that keep me waiting.

Marvel Tsum Tsum


This new Marvel story follows three kids that discover a crate of Tsum Tsum’s while taking pictures of Iron Man. The creatures take on the form of the Avengers when they see them on street fighting villains. The kids do their best to take care of the wild Tsums, but trouble starts when one slips away into the hands of a criminal.

The artwork has a lot of clean lines and cartoon cel shading look. The Tsums are cute as expected and communicate in a language shown as emojis/symbols. The kids have great personalities that really shine through and are determined to be heroes as well as help the Tsums be real superheroes. It is a cute story that brings the Avengers and Tsum Tsums together. I picked up these issues because I thought it would make a nice addition to the small plush Tsums I collect. All four issues are out. I’m not sure if there will be a paperback with all of them together at the moment. The issues all have variant covers and the Tsum Tsums appear on various covers of other Marvel series as well.

Pokemon Sun



This Pokemon game has been amazing. I’ve been really taking my time with it though! I feel like the player has much more interaction with the character’s friends. It feels like they are on a journey together rather than just bumping into them once in awhile on the road. The interface is much more intuitive than the previous game. I felt like the last one was kind of messy. It is easy to navigate through everything you carry and access information. Even if you haven’t picked up Pokemon in awhile I highly recommend this game to get back in. Not to mention I sort of spend all my money on clothes shopping. I love customization options!

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So tell me how you have been doing in the new Pokemon game or if you’ve read anything interesting lately! Have a great day!




One thought on “Tea Time #3 Comics and Pokemon

  1. Well, I totally agree with you on Pokémon. And still, I haven’t played as much yet as I should have. World of FF is keeping me busy! But my daughter started PK too, so pretty soon I’ll join her I guess.

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