Top 10 On My Wishlist- Nendoroids and Other Figures

These figures are a mix of new and a few old. I will include as MUCH info as I can on them and plenty of links!

Disclaimer: Images are not mine, but are found on pinterest and Google (⌒_⌒;) !


I’ve put these two Good Smile Company Nendoroids together because if I bought one I probably wouldn’t want the other. The Miku on the right is the first Miku nendoroid I’ve really wanted. The Snow Bell design is very cute and has an elegant display compared to the others. The left Miku figure is new winter Miku this year and she has a whole line of other owl-ish products. I adore owls so this one definitely caught my attention! I also adore the plushie! Gah! What is even more lovable is a collaboration going on between the Love Live anime series and the new Snow Miku.



I wish we had more adorable Yo-kai Watch merch in the U.S. These are insanely cute! These are called Youkai Watch Okashina Sweets Mascot. These cute little key chains are made by Bandai and come with a pack of gum. What really attracted me is the pastel colors. Lately I prefer smaller collectibles just because they take up less space so these are perfect! (Japanese spelling is Youkai. English Yo-kai)



Its Deadpool. Need I say more? The Deadpool Nendoroid was announced at Wonder fest this year. He is one of my favorite Marvel characters and I hope he gets a tsum tsum as well!   I can’t wait to see what poses and props he will have! I can imagine it will be quite silly.



This is the Northern Princess from Kantai Collection. This figure is from a line called Medicchu by Good Smile Company. They have less detail, less parts, and props than the Nendoroid line, but some can be equally as cute! Also the boxes are much smaller. She is adorable and even holds a little plane in her hands. I love the designs from KanColle so she is definitely makes my list.


These are Poncho Pikachu Gachapon figures. These are only available at the Japanese Pokemon Center. You can get them online, but for a higher price of course. These promotional designs are also available in plushies and various other products. They are simple and charming. From the pictures I’ve seen the paint job looks typically good. I’m usually tired of seeing Pikachu over and over as merchandise (I mean there like 300+ characters to promote you know?), but this was charming and looks adorable as the Charizard and Altaria.  Check out the experience of getting these guys in Japan on this blog!



Another adorable Medicchu figure! This time its Yamato also from Kantai Collection. She’s adorable in chibi form and surrounded by epic firepower! She has super sweet personality in the anime despite her intimidating artillery. She is one of my favorite characters in KanColle.


I usually don’t like larger figures, but Caster from the Fate Series is beautiful and I haven’t seen any chibi form of her other then a keychain. This is another case where I would want one or the other. The one on the left is made by Flare in her casual clothes from Fate/Extra CCC (PSP). The one on the right is by Itandi. I hope we see her in an anime in the future. She only have appearance in the games. I’ve watched Youtube videos of gameplay and she was my favorite to watch. I would love to have something of her.



Another Cardcaptor Sakura design will be coming out! She was also announced at Wonder Fest I love this show! It was the anime that really brought me into watching anime. Sakura had so many cute costumes and this is one of my favorites! I will keep an eye on it for the release date. I don’t want to miss this one!



This is a figure of Dizzy by Alter from the Guilty Gear game series. She is one of my favorite characters in the game. She dresses skimpy, but she kicks so much ass!  This is the first large figure I have ever wanted. I never picked her up though because she is usually very expensive.


I wish they had made more of this series! I love the Petanko series from the Good Smile Company. They are the perfect size and they don’t come with any extra pieces and props. I love the simplicity of the packaging as well. It allows me to see it pretty well without taking it out. I personally dislike taking figures out of the packaging. I love the size, the price (about half the price of Nendoroids), but I wish there was more characters. I’m always looking for these guys at conventions.

This is my wish list.

What’s on your wish list this year?


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