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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is well and having a good start. I’m happy I’ve solved some technical problems with my screen capture software so I can record playing games on the computer again! I hope to get back to writing more this year now that I have internet. To be honest I’ve been kind of stuck on what to write lately! So here it goes.

My first weird find this year.

Momoiro Z VS KISS

I found it watching the Top 100 Oricon chart video and I had to find the whole video. It is a very strange, but entertaining mix! My first reaction was just wondering what the hell I was watching. Then I found myself liking it.

My first pre-ordered game is for

Final Fantasy Explorers!

I can’t wait I’ve been wanting a new game to play lately. I love monster slaying type of games and the Final Fantasy universe is just beautiful. I can’t say I’ve followed many of the games, but the few I’ve played I loved along with the music rhythm games.  I’m excited that you can “recruit” monsters to fight with you. I will let you know about my impressions about the game when I start.

Thanks for reading! What is your first purchased game of the year?





  1. I’m not sure yet, it rarely happens but there are no games on my horizon. Well, maybe Fire Emblem. Must be because I have such a wonderful backlog waiting!

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