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Tea Time #2

Topics today:

Plans in the works

Anime-One Punch Man

Disney Tsum Tsum (Mobile App Game and Plushies)

Hey great news! I’m working on getting internet at home again! It will be so much easier to blog and upload videos. I’ve been play Pokemon TCG Online sometimes and I love it! I would love to do videos with that game and others. I probably won’t watch a crapload of anime like I used to since I will start doing online classes for computer science along with working. I’m really excited the classes.

Also, my boyfriend and I bought some Pax South Tickets! So you can expect coverage of that weekend in late January.

When I’ve seen images of this anime called One Punch Man I was skeptical of the story. Its about some bald guy that can defeat anyone with one punch. How could that work as a good story?

Well I was so wrong.

My boyfriend kept telling me to give it a chance and I liked it. Correction- Love it. This story is overall a comedy about an oddball whom decided to be a hero for a hobby and dreams of finding an opponent that will give him a challenging battle. That’s a tall order for Saitama, the man that can knock out anyone with just one punch. He is sarcastic, not very sociable, and hilarious to watch. This not another crazy macho dude or overly optimistic idiot. This is full of action, humor, and a great dynamic of characters. Do give it a chance if you’re even a tidbit curious.

My latest obsession is Disney’s Tsum Tsum. These cute nostalgic little buddies are delightful. They come in seasonal varieties, anniversary editions, and their cute little faces on other merchandise. These started in Japan and made its way to America. I’ve joined some Facebook groups and seen some hardcore collectors with great collections of the minis and the larger ones. They have found a cozy spot of my shelf.


These plushies are based on the mobile phone app. It is a puzzle type game where you draw connections between the same character to eliminate them from the screen. The bigger the combos the better. On the game you win coins to purchase more characters. Each one has a special skill that is activated and helps eliminate tsums. The annoying part is that you have to have a Line account, but I was able to get by using the Line Lite app which is much smaller. With the account you are able to send and receive hearts with friends on Line. Each heart means one play. If you join a group and trade hearts you will have plenty of plays. I have yet to run out.


So that is what I’ve been up to. How about you guys? Thanks for reading!



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