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Best Anime of 2014

I just wanted to highlight some of my favorite shows this past year. I picked



Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works (ongoing)-



I was so excited when I found about this series and the movie trailer. If you are new to the Fate/Stay series I would actually recommend watching this first. It is so much better then the first Fate/Stay Night. This series is based on a Japanese visual novel (think of a choose your own adventure type story). The first Fate/Stay is a different route then this one, but you still learn about the storyline all the same. The differences are in the relationships and which characters become better known in one route then the other.


Shiro is a high school student that longs to be the hero his late father had given up on becoming. He gets dragged into a strange war that secretly being carried out by powerful mages in the city in order to win the Holy Grail and have a wish granted. He somehow summons a beautiful blonde girl with an invisible sword to save his life from an attacker. He must make decisions about whom to trust and hone what skills his father taught him.


I’ve already done summaries of these and will link to them

Sword art online

I need to catch up on this series, but this definitely one where every week I couldn’t wait to find out what is next.

Now in a different game Kirito investigates the mysterious murders that are some how connected to an avatar killing players online and then deals with real life changes. I love the character development in this season and that is whats really keeping me coming back for more of this show.



I really enjoyed this its funny and I absolutely love the music in this series. My only gripe would be the ending felt rushed, but I’ve heard the manga is better so I will be reading it.


Sakura Trick

This show was one of the most hilarious anime I have seen this year. I found myself laughing at every episode and really enjoyed the light-heartedness of this show.


One week Friends

This is definitely one of my favorite slice of life series. This show was all about relationships between people, which is a nice break from the action-oriented story lines.


No Game No Life

My favorite show that had nothing to do with high school! Instead the characters are whisked away to a world where games are held in high regard and are the basis for resolving conflicts whether they are personal or between countries. The human race in the world is losing land to the other races with special abilities. Sora and his little sister Shiro that live the NEET way and play games all day finally find a world they fit into.  Its hilarious, ecchi, and so colorful.


Disappointments- Dramatical Murder

I really wanted to like this show I haven’t seen a BL anime in ages. I love the character designs and the funky retro and futuristic looks. I found the storyline very predictable and nothing dramatic about it.

What I still need to watch-

Gundam Build Fighters TRY

I enjoyed the first season more then I thought I would. I can’t say I’m a Gundam fan. I’ve only seen part of Gundam Wing and some other one (all I remember was the attack “Shining Finger” that was kind of funny).

This series has nothing to do with war and politics, but the Gundam fans themselves.

First opening ^


I haven’t started on the second season, but I will soon.


Thanks for reading and let me know what some of your favorites were this past year!


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