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Recently I’ve tried out League of Angels and IMVU. These came up on a list described as casual mmo games. I’m not why IMVU came up since it is basically a virtual chat room, but pretty nice.

League of Angels is a free browser game. (no downloading! neat!)


It was entertaining in the beginning. It has nice graphics and a various ways to power up your character. As you play you fight alongside angels, mermaids, knights, and other beings.  Although all the power ups start to feel like a chore. Not only do you upgrade armor. You upgrade and pay for the armor of your comrades (npcs), click to randomly increase an angel’s stats (limited and can click away next day), move the astral path (stats for yourself), and randomly enslave random people to work in your garden. Okay that last one actually seems kind of neat. On top of that you don’t choose attacks or blocks at all. It automatically runs the fight against monster/player every time. There are only two classes to choose from (at the moment…I saw an ad for a new archer class coming soon) and not a whole lot of character customization.

What is nice about the game is that there are many things to do. You can raid other players using a Wyrms (flying creatures), explore a dungeon (and its easy to get with other players!), participate in the arena (although the outcome is predetermined. You can’t command characters), gardening, and a mini game of gemology (tile matching). You can easily chat with other players and join guilds. Level 1-30 of the game is a tutorial. It takes over an hour to get though. But once your done its more time for dungeons and going on event quests that happen often. They are in dungeons and sometimes require you have a guild.

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After 30 you can focus on getting more comrades and angels to fight with you on quests and dungeons. The battle in the dungeon doesn’t mean the team attacks a single monster. One player chooses a monster to attack and another player fights another. the nice thing though is if you die you will respawn in less then a minute. meanwhile a team member can finish of the monster you damaged. Did I mention getting gold is ultra easy? You will get it for free as you play. A little window appears offering you gold. Plus the raiding can also lead you to gold as does quests, gardening, and dungeons.

Its a pretty good free browser mmorpg overall. Perhaps not my cup of tea, but you may enjoy it if you like these types of games. Its a good time killer (better than many facebook games definitely) and has many tasks and events to participate in. Its the most casual mmorpg I’ve encountered. There are certain angels and items to be bought with real money, but you can go pretty far without it.

IMVU (download program)

I was surprised to see it come up on lists of casual mmo games since is mainly a chat room.



You began by picking a character from a list of pre-made avatars. Then you get credits for verifying email and going through a quick tutorial. It shows you how to customize your avatar with clothes, skin color, eyes, and even pets. Then you can check out the shopping which is pretty impressive. Many of the clothes, pets, furniture, hair, rooms, and more are designed by users!

Want to try on a lolita dress before buying? Will it go with those tights you bought? No problem! Can’t tell how big the room is from the small picture? Walk around in it and see what furniture looks like with it.


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Okay lets talk about these rooms. You are given an apartment looking room to begin with. If you wish to hold your own chatroom this is what everyone will see. You can switch out all the furniture, but it would still look like an apartment. If you purchase rooms it can look like anything from a club, a fancy living room, an art studio, a beach, or even a dark castle. Club-like rooms come with a dance floor. So if an avatar decides to go to that area the will automatically dance. Furniture can also have an effect such as drinking tea, sleeping, or playing a game.

Or if you rather spend your credits on outfits and cute pets you can visit other people’s rooms. You can purchase a mermaid tail, Japanese fashion outfits (or pieces), lolita dresses, hair styles, jewelry, hats, pets, and even pokemon pets.

In the chatroom page you can search your interests or a language and find open rooms to join. Here are some cute rooms I’ve found.

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Let me tell you about my experience. I played about four times. I went in expecting jerks at every corner. Most people are actually friendly. It just takes time.

The worst I encountered – I’ve gone to a few rooms that have a bunch of quiet avatars. I found out people sometimes are in multiple rooms and only focus on a few conversations, but leave themselves occupied other places too.

The best- A group of artsy people chatting about college and how they started out drawing.

Here are some things to be aware of. If you’re over 18 you can only chat with over 18 aged people.

Credits can be obtained for free by logging in daily, watching videos from sponsors, and surveys.

You will have to spend money to get rid of the Guest_ that is stuck on your user name.

You can fix your profile displaying age, interests, relationship status, and why you are there (chatting, friendship, etc).

I liked it overall mostly for the customizing factors. I love games where you can customize your characters and homes (like the Sims). I am not continuing either of these games at the moment.

I liked the graphics of both games. I use a laptop and didn’t have much lagging or loading time. So try out these games if they sound fun to you. Is anyone playing online games this summer?


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