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Tips On Completing Pokedex

I’ve found tips and figured out time saving ways to work on Pokedex and I thought I should share my findings with everyone.




The most obvious tip – catch all the pokemon you can when playing through the game. Finish game.

Breed pokemon for pre-evolution forms. Some may need items.  I use a foreign ditto just to put in the chance of a shiny.

I don’t recommend wonder trading UNLESS you have less than a few hundred pokemon. All sorts of pokemon go through the trade and can get you something you don’t have. Yet if you already have many it will take up more time than its worth.

Use your shiny pokemon to trade for legendaries! I was able to trade a shiny mareep for a suicune on GTS.

GTS is also great for finding Pokemon you’re missing. Although its silly to deposit a regular Skitty and ask for a Raikou. A ton of people do that and their pokemon just sit there on GTS. I use it to get the pokemon I don’t want to go to the trouble of evolving or I am missing. Try different types of deposits. This is easiest way to trade.

You can also trade with people appearing on you player search system screen. They may have shout outs about what they are looking for (LF:_) or offering (FT:_).

Get friend safaris! Join Facebook groups and forums to trade FC with people. (Safaris are available after Elite Four) You can find some pokemon there you can not catch in the wild plus on occasion you will find them with hidden ability and a few IVs.


On that same note you can find other people to trade with in these groups/forums. will be your best friend. I’m working on the ‘dex region by region right now so I take a picture with my phone of the evolution I need so I remember what item/level/ conditions are involved. Then I delete it once I completed it in game.


Enter Shiny Giveaways on Facebook and other social media. I’ve used those for trade or for keeps. (remember when you complete Pokedex you can get shiny charm to find shiny pokemon easier).

Battle Mansion can be very time consuming if you need Razor Fang and what-not to evolve pokemon. I found using Pokemiles much easier. Go to Pokemon Global Link and log in or sign up. In the poke mileage club you can play attractions and win evolutionary items like dusk stones,sachet, metal coat, moon stones, electirizer, razor fang, and many more. These items are delivered through a girl in the Pokemon Center. They are very easy games. The issue is you may end up winning berries half the time, but the games take less then a minute. You can build up miles from using GTS and the Pokemon Bank. The first time I went into Global Link I had 8,000 miles from the game and 69 medals. I was able to get a bunch of evolutionary items. Keep in mind you can find some of these items in pokeballs in caves.

I use the daycare. A lot! I have a lot of money in the game so I leave a low leveled pokemon or two there. Then I fly to Lumiose City and have my character ride around the center of the city for an hour or so depending on level (with clothes pin on D-Pad) and then I go check back on daycare. Then when they leveled up enough to evolve I take the pokemon to level up on a route and they evolve. The most annoying to do was Sliggo to Goodra because it has to be in naturally rainy weather. On route 14 before 1pm on Monday it rains there. I tried about 6:30am and it worked out fine.


Save your thumbs from stress!

I like this method so I can leave the game running while I do other things.

Useful items on hand-

Lucky egg

heart scales- some pokemon evolve only when having a certain attack and leveling up.

make use of o-power (extra experience, money, or encounters)

Lucky incense OR amulet coin (makes good money combined with money o-power) (Get rich guide here)

experience share- on.

Completing the Pokedex takes a lot of time! I have days I work on it a lot and times I take a break. So good luck to you all I hope this helps! If you would like to share your tips/experience please comment!





  1. Re: I don’t recommend wonder trading UNLESS you have less than a few hundred pokemon.

    I load a pc box with junk Pokemon, and sit at my desk at work and wondertrade while I am doing something else. Every once in a while you get something good or even a shiny.
    : )

    • Yea I used to do it on Wonder Trade Wednesdays. It was cool because some Pokemon had decent stats to battle online with 😀 I think they are the rejects of those who want Pokemon with perfect stats.

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