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I’m Back!

Okay I haven’t forgotten about blogging! I just been so distracted by Pokemon X recently and my quest to catch’em all! Its been like a a huge make-over interface-wise and many people are saying its their favorite so far. Its my favorite too!  Here is my character. The character customization has been fantastic!



At the moment I am saving for a D-SLR camera. I’m hoping to find one on Black Friday. Although Target has some decent cameras already. After doing some research I found out I really need a telephoto lens to take pictures of my artwork. My previous camera (now broken) was unable to capture the colors and detail of my drawings. I’ve never used the d-slr cameras before, but I’m excited of the thought of using a sweet camera!

I recently purchased a book on contemporary Japanese art called Bye Bye Kitty!!!. I’ve read parts of it while in college and loved it so I’m super happy to be able to read it all.


This isn’t your sweet kawaii Japanese art. These are artists the depart from that cuteness to address social and environmental issues. One of my favorites from the book is the artist Kouhei Nawa.


These taxidermy animals are covered in glass beads disorienting the viewer’s perception and they way they feel about the animals inside. I find them both beautiful and creepy.

Thats all for now!



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