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Pokemon Anticipation


Pokemon X & Y meme

I’m already obsessing over the details that are little by little released. I have taken a long break from playing Pokemon White 2 since Monster Hunter Ultimate3  has come out. So I’m getting back into breeding and trading. I will definitely get the Poke Bank since I’m really into trying to catch’em all. Plus the whole transferring app will make life a lot easier. I know trading tons a Pokemon just for the purpose of moving them is a hassle. Meanwhile I found this neat checklist that will help me figure out what Pokemon I am missing so I will be hunting them in the GTS Negotiations. It will be hard to get the legendaries since I’ve missed out playing generations 3 and 4. On the bright side I have about a 150 to go plus the new ones that will be added with the new games.  While I focus on collecting my boyfriend is much more into figuring out which Pokemon will be best to ev train in regard to the introduction of fairy types and mega-evolutions.


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