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Art Inspirations as of Late!!

There are a couple of artists I’m just in love with right now. It has even inspired me to try creating pop art. I usually go for more realism (example of my work). Although I have noticed as of late my favorite artists do not use realistic subjects.  In college we were discouraged from using anything to graphic-like/ pop art for projects.  So now I will be experimenting with it in painting and drawing to see how I like it and to see how I can bring what I’ve learned into another genre.

Recently I bought a print from one of my favorite artists-Rudy Fig!

Image “Merbabes of Marshmallow Cove” (image from her blog)

I can’t wait to get it in November! I love how whimsical and colorful her work is. The themes of her work range from tea parties, fairy tales, and surreal lives.  If only I could see her work in person. I shall one day!

Another favorite artist of mine is Bei Badgirl.


(image from her site)

I love her ladies with their whole feeling of sweetness with attitude. I’ve been loving the presentation of some of her pieces. Each item or character is painted on its own panel. The characters are free from boundaries and have a three-dimensional presence on the wall even though they are super-flat characters.

Last and not least is Chikuwaemil!

Image “Snow White” (image from Sweet Streets)

I love the cute faces among the chaos of bright and dark colors! As you look at her work you can discover small creatures, motifs, and faces within the many bold and energetic brush strokes.

I enjoy all these artists and many more. I’m always excited to see new works by them. Thanks for reading and check these artists out!

P.S. – about page updated!



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