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Hello world. I’m Stephanie I love drawing, painting, games, Japanese fashion, and anime cons. I’ve always wanted to blog all about the stuff I enjoy. Here i drew a chibi of myself!Image  I’ve started blogs before trying to be specific on what the blog was about. It was all about art. It was all about music. Then I would get bored! I thought I should broaden that field so I don’t loose interest. I will just blog about what I’m obsessed with at the moment since that seems to change about every few weeks. Although what I love is related. I am a lover of Japanese pop culture and art. I will be sharing my findings with you and also learning how to use this website to its potential.

Here are some animes I’ve watched this past year.

ImageI’ve watched Ore Imo season 1 &2.  I really loved the first season, but can’t say that about the second season and much less the ending.  I enjoyed watching an anime that focused on otaku culture in Japan. You see how others view anime otaku and places and events the characters attend.

ImageSusei No Gargantia was great! Its a sci-fi story about a young man trained for war all his life stranded on planet that knows nothing about the war he is dedicated to.  He has to learn about life outside being a solider, himself, and the truth behind the war he dedicated himself to.

This year I started to collect chibi figures! Especially the Nendoroids. I’ve been learning so much about them through searching the web. I only have a few so far but I hope to pick up more here and there. So I will probably blog about that later.

Here are a few that I have (note: these are not pics I have taken)ImageImage


I’m super excited about a Samurai exhibit coming to the city I live in! Sadly my camera is broken at the moment, but I will see what I can do (or if they even allow pictures to be taken)


(picture from

Next month Pokemon X & Y will be coming out! I will probably write about that adventure. I at the moment play Monster Hunter 3 ultimate and Animal Crossing. I’ve been checking out Monster Hunter 4 videos lately these are a few favorites.

This is Shagaru Magara. An Elder dragon type.

A Yian Garuga. (Both videos from MoritzOz)

Thank you for reading! More to come!


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